Wim Wenders and.... Paris, Texas

Discussion in 'DVD + Video Collector's Area' started by TheRoadWarrior, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. TheRoadWarrior

    TheRoadWarrior Well-Known Member

    I'm just curious to see if anybody here a fan of Mr Wenders work?

    He's a director that I've overlooked, so wish to become more acquianted.

    I thought I'd seen Paris, Texas, but I suspect now that I may not have done so and have just picked up copy in dvd.

    How about his other films, are there any fans here of his work in general or have you watched many of his films?
  2. drterror666

    drterror666 Too Much... for One Movie!

    Aren't his films supposed to be a bit l-o-n-g?
  3. mrb

    mrb Slave Trader

    Paris, Texas is one of my all time favourite films, I adore that film.

    Wings Of Desire is also excellent, and The American Friend is pretty damn good.
  4. TheRoadWarrior

    TheRoadWarrior Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments thus far chaps.

    If BBC4 is devoid of any good music this evening, I may treat myself to a vewing of Paris, Texas. I'm a bit of Harry Dean Stanton fan, and especially his smaller roles, the hitchhiker in Two Lane Black Top, at the end of The Straight Story, the guy who can get you gas in Escape from NY, etc.

    I was late to Paul Greengrass's films, Wim Wender is in that bracket, they are out there but you sometimes miss them.
  5. TheRoadWarrior

    TheRoadWarrior Well-Known Member

    No idea, but if I am up 'til 1am in tne morning tonight you may have a point!

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