What's Your Latest Buy - and From Where?

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  1. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    new ones arriving soon

    hellbent (us blu)
    chopping mall (us blu)
    francesca (us blu)
    count draculas great love (us blu)
    horror house on highway five (us blu)
    astro zombies (us blu)
    daughter of dracula (us blu)
    lady in white (us blu)
    shape of things to come (us blu)
    the panic in needle park (uk blu)
    electra my love (uk blu)
    hex (uk blu)
    psychomania (uk blu)
    early murnau collection (uk blu)
    fedora (uk blu)
    slugs (uk blu)
    the films of chester novell turner (us r1)
    the expanse season 1 (us blu)


    gears of war ue (xb1)
    gears of war 2&3 (360)
    forza horizon 3 (xb1)
    gears of war judgement (360)
    destiny complete collection (xb1)
    xcom 2 (ps4)
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  2. the13thman

    the13thman Lucky for some

    River Of Death
    IT! The Terror From Beyond Space
    It Came From Outer Space 3D
    The Swinging Cheerleaders
    Metalstorm The Destruction of Jared Syn 3D
    Robinson Crusoe 3D
    The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec
    Bad Timing
    The Birds
    LEGO Star Wars The Padawan Menace

    Rabid Dogs (remake)
    God Of Gamblers II
    The Wiz
    House Of Tolerance
    The Exterminating Angels
    How To Make A Monster
    Machine Gun Kelly
    The Work Of Director Anton Corbjin
    The Work Of Director Jonathan Glazer
  3. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt


    99 Women (Blue Underground) (Ltd. 3 disc/w French version)
    I Drink Your Blood (Grindhouse )/w hypodermic)
    Po-No Vol.2 (Vinegar Syndrome)


    Apocalypse Now (Steelbook)
    Deliverance (Steelbook)
    Friday The 13th 1-3 (Paramount)
    Southern Comfort (Shout!)


    Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh (NoShame)


    Bad Karma/Drillbit showreel
  4. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    BURIAL GROUND/NIGHTS OF TERROR (Bundle/Severin) pre-ordered.

    Looks like another quality release from Severin.
  5. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    soon arriving

    trauma (spanish blu)
    cannibal man (spanish blu)
    fright night 2 (spanish blu)
    kamikaze '89 (us blu)
    the martian extended edition (uk blu)
    woody allen 6 films 1971-1978 (uk blu)
    the hills have eyes (uk blu)
    ascension (euro blu)


    payday 2 : the big score (ps4)
    darkest dungeon (vita/ps4)
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  6. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    soon to be added

    masks (us blu)
    the pit (us blu)
    the wailing (us blu)
    phoebe (us r1)
    carrie se (us blu)
    the greasy strangler (uk blu)
    bates motel : season 4 (uk blu)
    wolf creek : season 1 (uk blu)
    dark water (uk blu)
    the burning (uk blu)
    the thing se (us blu)
    nurse jill (us blu)
    tenebrae (us blu)
    trouble man (us blu)
    what have they done to your daughters? (euro blu)
    mother of tears (german blu)


    rise of the tomb raider (ps4)
    mafia 3 (ps4)
    toy odyssey : the lost and found (xbox 1)
    gears of war 4 (xbox 1)
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  7. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Gosh! I've been so impressed by all these live streaming/download posts that I simply haven't had time to buy anything lately! It's taking up all my time!
  8. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    new stuff coming soon

    boyhood (criterion blu)
    mccabe and mrs miller (criterion blu)
    burnt offerings (uk blu)
    12 monkeys season 2 (uk blu)
    it came from outer space (uk blu)
    cosmos (uk blu)
    waxwork / waxwork 2 (us blu)
    pan's labyrinth (criterion blu)
    manhattan baby (us blu)
    the innocents (2016) (us blu)
    the earth dies screaming (us blu)
    deathrow gameshow (us blu)
    hobgoblins (us blu)
    nightmare sisters (us blu)
    murder weapon & deadly embrace (us blu)


    warhammer : the end times - vermintide (ps4)
    dragon quest builders (ps4)
    metal gear solid v : definitive experience (ps4)
    slain : back from hell (ps4)
    sunless sea - zubmariner (pc)
    thumper (ps4)
    batman : return to arkham (ps4)
    rez infinite (ps4)
    the bug butcher (ps4)
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  9. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    new stuff

    the hershell gordon lewis feast (uk blu)
    garm wars the last druid (uk blu)
    the sky crawlers (uk blu)
    parasyte collection 1 (uk blu)
    short cuts (us blu)
    body double (uk blu)
    the neon demon (uk blu)
    black magic (uk blu)
    dekalog and other tv works (uk blu)
    vampire ecstasy / sin you sinners (us blu)
    rams (uk blu)
    youth (uk blu)
    invaders from mars (us blu)
    she wore a yellow ribbon (us blu)


    tropico 5 : complete collection (ps4)
    skyrim se (ps4)
    world of final fantasy (ps4)
    titanfall 2 (ps4)
    blood bowl 2 (ps4)
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