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  1. Someone Weird

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    Who's a fan of the weird films that come out of Turkey? I have been getting into them lately, and first got interested in them a few years back, when hearing about some of their virtual shot-for-shot remakes of classic movies/series such as E.T, Star Trek, Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz. I eventually got round to seeing Seytan, The Turkish Exorcist, and was a bit underwhelmed at first, but since seeing the Turkish pop double bill of The Deathless Devil + Tarkan Vs. The Vikings from Mondo Macabro, I felt the need to check out more of this stuff.

    Here's a couple of clips from both:

    Both films are great fun, and there are several other Tarkan flicks I intend picking up. One of them, Tarkan And the Gold Medallion, is a great mixture of sword 'n sorcery, horror, action and cheese. Another goodie is The Black Bull, based on Vlad The Impaler, a bloodsucker whose marauding army terrorize the countryside and pitiful villagers, who have to be saved by the usual big haired hero armed with a beefy sword. Lots of blood and daft fights galore here.

    Possibly my favourite Turkish flick so far is 3 Supermen and Mad Girl, in which 3 super hero's wearing figure hugging, bullet proof costumes take on an evil Mad Girl and a devil masked despot, who are aided in their quest (presumably for world domination) by an army of green robed klansmen, and the goofiest looking robot since...well, The Deathless Devil. Here's a clip:

    I currently await Altar, a sword n' sandal's Conan type flick, plus the wild sounding Death Warriors and its sequel/prequel Holy Sword. Can't wait for these. Any other fans of this sort of chaff? And if so, any recommendations?
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    Hi there mate,

    Yep, big fan here of Turkish cult cinema, good to see someone else mention these movies. I've seen quite a few over the years.

    TURKISH WIZARD OF OZ is quite an entertaining film and BADI (aka TURKISH E.T.) is pure gold in a so-bad-it's-good way. Of course, THE MAN WHO SAVES THE WORLD (aka TURKISH STAR WARS is the granddaddy of this sub-genre and funniest yet). Another funny one is OMAR THE TOURIST IN STAR TREK (aka TURKISH STAR TREK).

    I did see ALTAR a few years back, was a bit disappointed in that one to be honest. But 3 DEV ADAM is a cheesy gem and I'm a big fan of the historical adventures that Cuneyt Arkin made. The two main series were KARA MURAT and BATTAL GAZI along with others such as UK pre-cert favourite LIONMAN.

    Onar Films have put out an interesting double bill of a Turkish gothic horror (THE DEAD DON'T TALK) and a Turkish giallo (THIRSTY FOR LOVE, SEX & MURDER) which I've pursued but haven't watched yet. Many non-subtitled films can be found on Youtube in various parts but obviously the quality is pretty atrocious on those.
  3. Someone Weird

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    I will get round to those re-makes eventually. I nearly brought Battal Gazi Destani and its sequel Battal Gazi Geliyor the other day, but opted for Death Warriors/Holy Sword instead....I will order those other two next time. Along with 3 Dev Adam.
  4. Rollo Yates

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    I'm nuts about the Turkish stuff too. Got the Mondo disc and a bunch of Onars. The Mondo disc (a shame it's OOP) is quite swank and Kilink In Istanbul and 3 Dev Adam (that just boggles the mind) are other faves (and completely bonkers to boot).

    I have a friend who's nutty about the original Wizard of Oz. One year for her birthday I got her the Turkish version. Her response was, "uh...okay". Doubt she's ever watched it, but she don't know what she's missing.

    Some of the Onar flicks seem like remakes (rip-offs, homages, inspired takes or whatever the hell you want to call it) of 1930-40s serials (the only difference is lack of camera zooms, Turkish dialog and mustaches) with no budget (and serials aren't known for big budgets either), so you might want to look into some old serials too, SW (check out the 1943 Batman serial, I think it's right up your alley, but there are plenty of other goodies too. For the fifth and last time in this sentence I'm going to say serial).

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  5. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Ha, cheers for that Rollo. Great clip. Why it's The Deathless Devil, only in B&W! I will look into the old Batman serial. Thanks again.
  6. finishominis

    finishominis Sheriff of Hong Kong

    I recently saw 'Last House in Istanbul' (!) - it's really good! Not even in an inept sense, it's more like House on the Edge of the Park, less verite -style than Craven's film, more stylish, and set pretty much entirely in one location. An affluent couple and their son are terrorized by a gang, and some of the stuff they do to the kid is hilarious! Definitely worth catching up with that one.
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  7. R-T-C

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    The best source for these films is:

    The DVDs are all proper pressed discs, extremely limited editions. Do support this guy as he is the only person restoring and releasing these films. I ordered a batch of discs during the summer and they arrived very promptly - I will be reviewing them in the new year but they certainly look good and the English subtitles are well written.
  8. Santana

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    Funny, indeed, thanks for sharing. The last Turkish movie I've watched was 'A Separation' (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin), really good one

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  9. Rich

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    I go to Turkey quite a bit to visit the wife's family and they show a lot of these older movies on TV over there. I like the way the Turks just casually pilfer music from Hollywood action flicks and drop it randomly into their own movies. For example, you could have a scene in a love story where two love rivals square up to one another and all of a sudden the score to For A Few Dollars More kicks in. :D
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  10. thehamish

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    Take some back next time then Rich!!
  11. Rich

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    Yeah, next time I go over I'll keep an eye out for some DVD shops. :)
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