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Discussion in 'US News - DVD + Blu-ray' started by Someone Weird, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Some new releases on the way that make me sweat and dribble:

    -99 Women (3 Disc set)
    -Love camp 7

    -Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

    -Daughter Of Dracula

    -Beyond The Darkness
    -Burial Ground
    -Other Hell (The)
    -Wild Beasts

    -Thing (The)

    -Count Dracula's Great Love
  2. tobiaswragg

    tobiaswragg The 'Head' Butcher

    The highlight for me there is Love Camp 7. A Nazi Nasty! A firm favourite ever since I made its acquaintance back in 1984 after being up for two days. Enjoyed it with a few lagers and I also made the acquaintance of Southern Comfort that night/morning. I passed out during the other film I'd hired out, Parasite, which may have been a blessing!
  3. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Olive Films are releasing the English version of THE HORRIBLE DR. HICHCOCK so add that to the list above.
  4. TheRoadWarrior

    TheRoadWarrior Well-Known Member

    There's still some life on this website then, I came here expecting only to hear the wind.
  5. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    "Mind the doors!"

    Blue Underground will be releasing DEATH LINE aka RAW MEAT on blu/dvd combo. Also, Severin films are releasing THE KILLING OF AMERICA on dvd and blu, with the longer Japanese version VIOLENCE USA on the blu.
  6. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    will be buying the death line blu ray. great film

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