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Discussion in 'DVD + Video Collector's Area' started by mrb, May 19, 2008.

  1. mrb

    mrb Slave Trader

    There's a film fair at the Camden Electric Ballroom next saturday 24th.

    The last one was a bit sparse, but it clashed with the big NEC event, so some stallholders where there I guess.

    I have to admit I still pop along to root through the boxes of vhs under the tables. Last time I picked up WILLARD on Brent Walker for a fiver and was chuffed.

    Anyone going?
  2. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    As most will tell you, I was a regular at the film fairs. I just couldn't face going anymore though. I jacked going to fairs in a few years ago.
  3. Ade

    Ade My leg...is on fire...OH

    Yes, I remember briefly speaking to you at one of the Watford shindigs. I think at that point you'd got hold of the best possible copy of Last House On Dead End Street (only 3rd rather 6th generation:eek:). The quaint mid-90s..ahhh, how things change.
  4. herebemonsters

    herebemonsters New Member

    Although I'm going to miss this one due to being stuck at work, I still couldn't bear to miss the fairs at Camden as a rule; still full of what could, with a fair wind, be politely called 'characters', and even now the ever real threat of finding that absolute gem of a discovery.
  5. cloud

    cloud Active Member

    Although not exactly the same this reminds me of back in the mid-90s when I'd visit a market stall and the man would have some really lurid looking old horror pre-certs round the back. Though I get to see far more than I did then and for much cheaper too you just can't replace that feeling of getting a good find, especially being so young and impressionable too.

    Happy days!
  6. Vaughan

    Vaughan Active Member

    I enjoy these things too. Not been to a m ovie one in a while, are there really things worth grabbing? Since I don't own a VHS player that part isn't of interest. Although MrB has Willard! Lucky b......
  7. cloud

    cloud Active Member

    Just think of all the rare films you'd get to see if you still had a video player. You'd also have The Headless Eyes rather than keep having to wait for its eventual DVD release. There are always DVD-r's but you don't believe in them.

    I'd be lost without a VCR, the only problem is the space my videos take up.
  8. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    Likewise. I still have literally 1000s of titles on video that still are not available on DVD. I keep telling myself to back them all up to DVD-R and sell them, but it would be a truly daunting task.

    MOVIEMAN Registered User

    I used to go to the movie fairs all the time, but now they just seem to be DVD tables and I think being charged £4 at the westminster fairs is a bit of a cheek as they hold it in the basement! but i have stopped going all the time now - for the following reasons some people are rude and it would be nice if some people had a wash before they come out - I have been looking at stuff on a table and some smelly old geezer will push his way in or invade my space. and of course there type who moan that the pirate Dvd they got of some z-title euro horror is not widescreen or 5.1 - so Sad to say this will be the last year i will go to the films fairs - after that it will be the net.:cool:
  10. Companero

    Companero Shameless Coasterboy

    Count me as another "used to go but can't be bothered now" type of person. A mate and I used to have a stall at the Watford fair, did a couple in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City too.

    AS I moved away from VHS and LaserDiscs, I didn't see the point in attending anymore, as I did all my film-relate purchasing online.
  11. jacksmith1983

    jacksmith1983 Active Member

    I totally agree with Marc and Cloud. I very rarely watch videos but I do still keep a VCR handy as I still own a few gems on VHS that are unavailable on DVD thus far.

    These include...

    Exterminator 2 (Scandinavian VHS - Full Uncut Version)
    Death Weekend (Vampix Pre Cert)
    Legacy Of Horror (aka - Legacy Of Blood) (Andy Milligan) (Replay Pre Cert)
    Poor White Trash II (Megnum NTSC VHS)
    Claws (Shaftsbury Pre Cert)
    Raw Force (Worldwide Pre Cert)
    The Psychopath (great horror/exploitation obscurity starring Tom Basham) (NTSC Tape)

    I couldn't bear to part with my means of viewing gold like that.

    That's to name but a few
  12. Companero

    Companero Shameless Coasterboy

    I kept a few VHS too, got some nice bits left, just under 40 titles, I just don't really buy anything now though.
  13. SimonT

    SimonT The Dark Angel of Horror!

    Blimey I wasn't aware they still had these things?

    I used to go to the ones organised by Midnight Media at Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. However, this was towards the end of the 90's and as we got into 2000 and beyond it was easy to see which way the wind was blowing. They held these things about every 2-3 months and there were fewer and fewer stalls at each one, as most people were now buying DVD and mail ordering them direct from abroad. They did re-locate them, to cambridge breifly (which was easier for me, coming from Lincolnshire), but I think the last one they held was back in 2002.

    Hard to believe I used to pay £15 a throw for these things, had most of the uncut Danish Vipco tapes and various Dutch ex-rental videos. I remember buying a load of videos off one chap, which certainly looked genuine. Proffessionally printed sleeves, proper HQ 90 min tapes, the films even had trailers at the start and end for the other films on that label. It was only later I discovered these were actually high quality bootlegs of various EC Entertainment and Cult Epics titles (Cannibal Holocaust, The Beyond, New York Ripper etc).

    Who would have thought that these once scarce titles can now be picked up for just a few quid on DVD delivered to your door with just a few clicks of the mouse?

    Collecting might be easier now, but it sure as hell aint as fun.
  14. Grant

    Grant Active Member

    I used to go to these back in the nineties and they were generally great fun. I must admit that the lure for me was more for the great OOP movie books you could find than the actual videos which I could pick up through various 'contacts'. ;)
  15. mrb

    mrb Slave Trader

    Camden was okay today.

    I picked up a sazuma copy of SUBCONCIOUS CRUELTY and a Virgin pre-cert of EATING RAOUL alongside the Warners R1 PRIVATE PARTS.

    Most pleased with an NTSC box case vhs edition of CLASS REUNION MASSACRE having only seen the Derran THE REDEEMER cut print!

    And picked up the first Grindhouse Experience set for £20 and that Pendulum Films 50 movies tombs of terror set (which actually looks bloody awful, but comes with velcro fastners and never mind the quality feel the width).

    and some other stuff too.

    Good to see Paul Brown and Trevor Barley still occuping the same bits of The Ballroom that they have seemingly FOREVER :D .
  16. mrb

    mrb Slave Trader

    Another fair today.

    I picked up a brace of British 70's sex comedies, The Amorous Milkman, Playbirds that kind of stuff.

    Also quite an interesting 20 film set of old Japanese stuff on Grindhouse Experience, titles like The Rapist and Vengeance...The Dog. I actually bought it on the strength of SCORPION THUNDERBOLT, which is ace :D.

    Popped my Coffin Joe cherry as well: EXORCISMO NEGRO.
  17. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    Were you at the Camden or Manchester fair today? Or ComicCon?
  18. mrb

    mrb Slave Trader

    I was at Camden Marc.

    Paul and Nigel where there; Paul was saying that he's moving to Spain, so he wont be about anymore.
  19. Al Sex Gore

    Al Sex Gore Registered User

    Paul still threatening to abscond to Spain? He was talking about this at last years Collectormania in Glasgow. Hopefully he'll be back this year as I'll be there with my wee SGM DVD/Book/Comix stall and it gets quite numbing as the weekend progresses (so if anyone's gonna be there please do stop by for a chat!) ;)
  20. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    As far as I'm aware he'll still be coming back to do the occasional fair. Spain's not that far away!

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