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Discussion in 'British Cinema' started by Toten Corps, Nov 18, 2010.

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  2. Dave Jay

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    There's still SO many Brit movies languishing out there that I'd love for either Odeon or Flipside to release. Here's a selection (great, good, bad and indifferent - but all deserve a watch!):

    WOMEN OF TWILIGHT (1952) (US release only at the moment)
    SOME PEOPLE (1962)
    NIGHT MUST FALL (1964)
    I’LL NEVER FORGET WHAT’S’ISNAME (1967) (also had US release, now OOP and very expensive - why no UK release?)
    BABY LOVE (1968)
    TOOMORROW (1970)
    FREELANCE (1971)
    GIRL STROKE BOY (1971)
    MADE (1972)
    VOICES (1973)
    MOMENTS (1974)
    THREE FOR ALL (1975)
    THAT SUMMER (1979)
    SCREAMTIME (1983) (or maybe just the short films themselves without the tacky wraparound? In fact, a DVD featuring a selection of the many Brit genre shorts that used to run as support features in cinemas during the '70's and early '80's would be marvellous!)

    ...anyone else got any Brit obscurities that would be candidates for either Odeon or Flipside to get out there?
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  3. R-T-C

    R-T-C Frankenstein's mistake...

    I'd love to see 'Invasion' (1965) again, caught it on very late night Channel 4 (?) years ago but have never seen it mentioned since. A neat little sci-fi film, very old fashioned if I remember, reminiscent of the Hammer 1950s sci-fi pictures.

    I also hope that someone will eventually release Michael Carreras' 'Savage Guns' - considered to be the very first of the films that would eventually become the Spaghetti Western.

    Of course there are still plenty of Hammer titles languishing unreleased - their Civil War swashbuckler 'Scarlet Blade' is certainly not their best, but as enjoyable as the rest of their adventure films from the early 1960s. Would love to see 'Secret of Blood Island' and 'Steel Bayonet' come to DVD.
  4. R-T-C

    R-T-C Frankenstein's mistake...

    Just to add to that - Hartford-Davis' 'Corruption' (1967) uncut.
  5. christats

    christats look at the muck in here.

    Nice list.
    Deep End is coming via BFI isn't it.?I have the VHS of Screamtime,a DVD including the naff inserts would do me.I've got the Anchor Bay release of Never Forget Whats'Is Name.
    Is the nudity a problem in Baby Love.?.Liked the film,but found it just a bit drab.Then again Walkabout and the Brooke Shields film I can't remember the name of at the moment are on DVD.

    Freelance,Deadly Strangers,What became of Jack and Jill and Corruption.Bring them on someone,please.
  6. guthrie!

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    I'll second that. Especially for Corruption and Deadly Strangers.
  7. Dave Jay

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    Forgot about CORRUPTION! Still haven't seen it, despite having meant to for a few years now. I'd also like to add Peter Collinson's THE PENTHOUSE (1967) to the list, having seen a particularly crazy-looking trailer for it last night!
  8. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    DEEP END is due for a July release. Hurrah!

    Also due around then is a film called REQUIEM FOR A VILLAGE, directed by David Gladwell, who edited IF... and O LUCKY MAN. But the movie isn't even listed on the IMDb... so I take it this is a real rarity? Does anyone have any info on this one?
  9. noglea

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    There is a review of Requiem for a Village in my rapidly falling apart Time Out Film Guide 11th Edition. Presumably it is in later editions as well. It sounds intriguing. The first line of the review is 'Here the dead quite literally arise, and an old man follows them into church where, his youth regained, he relives his wedding in a sleepy Suffolk village, now under siege from ice-cream vans, motorcycles and excavators'. The credited cast list in the review are Vic Smith, the villagers of Witnesham and Metflield, Suffolk.
  10. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Thanks, noglea! Oh, and a couple more additions to the list of Brit obscurities I'd like to see released:

    PROSTITUTE (1980)
  11. noglea

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  12. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Really? Wow - I thought they would have made that a Flipside release... thanks for the info, noglea.
  13. thehamish

    thehamish teuchter on the doorstep

    whilst spring cleaning, ive found that i still have the odd oddity The Night Caller, anyone remember this??
  14. gavcrimson

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    According to a post at the Zetaminor forum, the Flipside DVD releases for February 2012 are Norman J Warren’s Her Private Hell and Andy Milligan’s Nightbirds (!!!)
  15. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    I doubt it, gav! But I hope so as, for a label that started off releasing the likes of LONDON IN THE RAW, PERMISSIVE and MAN OF VIOLENCE, Flipside has, despite the odd cracking release, trailed off into typical middle-brow blah-ness for the most part IMO. There's SO many great out-there Brit flicks still unreleased, but Flipside seems to avoid genre items now and has increasingly become not that much more left-of-field that its 'straight' BFI label.
  16. gavcrimson

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    Yeah Nightbirds does seem an unusual choice for them to put out, given the nature of their more recent titles, hopefully there is some truth to this rumour though.

    The Warren film definitely looks like it is going ahead though as the extras for that DVD (the early Warren shorts ‘Incident’ and ‘Fragment’, and the 1971 documentary ‘The Anatomy of a Pin-Up’) when through the BBFC recently.
  17. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Well, looking forward to that, then... though, outside of it being historically fascinating, I'm sure the film itself will be pretty bad. Coincidentally, I watched Warren's BLOODY NEW YEAR last night (been meaning to for years, but it was just one of those titles that you never get round to seeing). Actually enjoyed the movie, despite it being mind-numbingly, hideously awful.
  18. tobiaswragg

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    I stated a while ago on another thread that NIGHTBIRDS would be a not-altogether-unlikely choice for the Flipside to take an interest in. It's not really the kind of film that Milligan was notorious for, more of a Pinteresque character-driven psychological drama, apparently. I'm very much looking forward to this.
  19. tobiaswragg

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  20. Rollo Yates

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    Andy Milligan Blu-ray!?! With info made public on 11/11/11. I'm thoroughly convinced the world will blow up tonight.

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