The Eternal Jew (1941)

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    THE ETERNAL JEW (1941 – Germany – B&W)
    Orig: Der Ewige Jude Dir: Fritz Hippler

    If you thought Cannibal Island was politically incorrect, then get a load of this! Hippler’s film aims to expose "a race of parasites" whose often scary looking faces bear the "age old features of the perpetual sponger – the Eternal Jew!" Yes, its Nazi propaganda time, warning all you hard-working Aryan people out there about the Jewish "plague". We first "really get to know the Jewish people" by observing them in their Polish ghetto’s, where Jew’s are depicted as work shy, penny pinching, money hoarders who spend most of their time bobbing back and forth in prayer, inside bug infested dwellings. The "unwelcome"spread of Judaism across the globe is compared to that of rats, and wherever Jews are found, so too will you find crime, pornography and "hopelessly sick art!" Through various phases of assimilation the Jew’s have worked their way into the Civilised West, spreading their "financial influence" in the World money market, whilst proving to be political agitators who meddle with other cultures and long held traditions. The grand finale, cut from some prints, offers "one of the most illuminating customs of the Jews so-called religion", namely the bloody koshering of live cattle at the hands of Rabbis. Several of the poor beasts are seen tied up and having their throats slashed, resulting in torrents of blood spraying across the screen as the writhing animals bleed to death. Yuck! Recommended as a double bill with Secrets Of The Nazi Criminals, which examines the "Nazi plague".

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