UK: Tales From the Crypt (1972) (Final Cut Entertainment) Blu-ray

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    Released on 19 October 2015

    Five strangers go with a tourist group to view old caves. Separated from the main group, they find themselves in a room with the mysterious Crypt Keeper, who details how each of the strangers will die.

    And All Through the House - After Joanne Clayton (Joan Collins) kills her husband on Christmas Eve, she prepares to hide his body but hears a radio announcement stating that a homicidal maniac (Oliver MacGreevy) is on the loose.

    Reflection of Death - Carl Maitland (Ian Hendry) abandons his family to be with Susan Blake (Angela Grant). After they drive off together, they are involved in a car accident. He wakes up in the wrecked car and attempts to hitchhike home but, no one will stop for him.

    Poetic Justice - Edward Elliott (David Markham) and his son James (Robin Phillips) are a snobbish pair who resent their neighbour, retired garbage man Arthur Grymsdyke (Peter Cushing) who owns a number of animals and entertains children at his house.

    Wish You Were Here - Businessman Ralph Jason (Richard Greene) is close to financial ruin. His wife Enid (Barbara Murray) discovers a Chinese figurine and wishes for a fortune.

    Blind Alleys - Major William Rogers (Nigel Patrick), the new director of a home for the blind, makes drastic financial cuts, reducing heat and rationing food for the residents, while he lives in luxury with Shane, his Belgian Malinois.

    Extras TBC


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    Any news yet on extras? Is a trailer included?
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    Special Features

    • Tales from the Amicus Crypt A new 36-minute documentary featuring Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby, Steve Chibnall and others
    • Stills Gallery
    • Original theatrical trailer
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    Got the Scream Factory Blu so shall pass on this.

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