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  1. mr sinn

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    Out on April 18th BFI Flipside are releasing Jose Ramon Larraz's Symptoms. Never seen this, sounds interesting:

    The official British Palme d'Or entry at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival, Symptoms is a sophisticated modern gothic horror film exploring the themes of sexual repression and psychosis.

    Larraz's dark and stylish film tells of a young woman (Lorna Heilbron) who is invited by her girlfriend (Angela Pleasence) to stay at her remote English country mansion. Events take a disturbing turn when a menacing groundkeeper (Peter Vaughan) interrupts their time together, and a woman's body is found in the mansion's lake.

    Other than a limited theatrical release and a late-night screening on British television in the early 80s, Larraz's film has slipped into obscurity, and the original negative was long thought lost, assuring it a place in the BFI's 'Most Wanted' list. Following the rediscovery of the original negatives in 2014, the dark delights of Symptoms can finally be experienced again in this new restoration, undertaken by the Belgian Cinematek.

    Special features:
    • Newly restored in 2k
    • On Vampyres and other Symptoms (Celia Novis, 2011, 74 mins): Feature-length documentary about director José Ramón Larraz focusing on two of his most acclaimed films, Vampyres and Symptoms
    • From Barcelona to Tunbridge Wells: The Films of José Larraz (Andrew Starke & Pete Tombs, 1999, 24 mins)
    • Interview with Angela Pleasence (2016): Interview with the film's star
    • Interview with Brian Lorna Heilbron (2016): Interview with the film's co-star
    • Interview with Brian Smedley-Aston (2016): Interview with the film's editor
    • Original theatrical trailer
    • Other extras TBC
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  2. Harold Monroe

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    ive pre ordered this. sounds right up my alley
  3. Jicks

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    This is an outstanding triumph of a release. The restoration absolutely sings, and it's the photography and overall mood that makes this an unmissable. A beautiful, measured, gothic gem. I honestly believe this is the superior film to 'Vampyres' - it's female leads are just superb, the film is better paced and more intelligent, and the preponderance of daylight shots makes the photography that much more gorgeous and varied. And the two scenes of violence are unbelievable - shocking even today and will make your skin crawl (despite being quite minimal in what is actually shown). This is Larraz's true masterpiece. Excellent interviews with cast and crew members too.
  4. tobiaswragg

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    My review can be read here.
  5. Someone Weird

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    I ended up opting for the Mondo Macabro limited edition. Not got round to watching it yet but based on the glowing write ups above I think I shall put that right soon.

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