So Which Movies Are You Still Waiting To Arrive On DVD?

Discussion in 'Other Movies' started by Dave Jay, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Although a few here talk as if every film they'd ever hoped for has now been released to DVD, I still have a fairly extensive wish list that is yet to be fulfilled - a mixture of cult classics, curiosities and, to be honest, outright indefensible crap. Such is my taste in film...

    To my knowledge, the following are yet to have received a half-decent release on DVD - if I'm wrong do let me know!:

    ARENA (1988)
    BLUE NUDE (1977)
    LISZTOMANIA (1975)
    LOST HORIZON (1973)
    PROJECT X (1968)
    STUNT ROCK (1978)
    TRANCERS (1985)
    BADGE 373 (1973)
    THE MONITORS (1969)
    CHATTERBOX (1977)
    CINDERELLA (1977)
    SKATETOWN, USA (1979)
    ENDGAME (1983)
    DR. CALIGARI (1988)
    HOLOCAUST 2000 (1977)
    NOCTURNA (1979)
    THE POWER (1984)
    DISTURBED (1990)
    THE BOOGENS (1980)
    ROCKULA (1988)
    GANG WARS (1976)
    ZONE TROOPERS (1985)
    BATTLE TRUCK (1982)
    COON SKIN (1975)
    FISTS OF STEEL (1986)
    ELIMINATORS (1986)
    GAS PUMP GIRLS (1979)
    MOMENTS (1974)
    THE CALLER (1987)
    STREETWALKIN’ (1983)
    PRISON (1987)
    SHANKS (1974)
    RAWHEAD REX (1986)
    TOOMORROW (1970)

    - does anyone else have titles they are still eagerly awaiting to arrive on DVD?

    Best, D.
  2. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Some of these may have ultra cheapo releases, but still, they might as well be bootlegged VHS:

    Long Hair of Death, The (could do with a special ed.)
    Terror of Dr. Hitchcock, The
    Devil, The (1981)
    Calamity of Snakes
    Lorna, The Exorcist
    Secret Africa
    Africa Ama
    Mondo Magic (uncut)
    Addio Ultimo Uomo
    Shocking Africa
    Savage Man...Savage Beast (uncut)
    This Violent World
    Sweet and Savage
    Savage Zone
    Naked and Cruel + a whole load of other Mondo
    Mardi Gras Massacre
    Headless Eyes, The
    Night of the Demon (Wasson)
    Giallo A venezia
    Play Motel
    Bloodstained Butterfly + a whole load of other Giallo
    Faccia Di Spia
    Wild Beasts
    Sea Serpent, The

    ...and lots more.
  3. Ade

    Ade My on fire...OH

    Yeah, it's strange that so many of the infamous Italian 70's mondos remain unreleased, considering the wealth of exploitation material that has found its way onto DVD. Maybe there's problems in securing suitable prints or the money being asked for by the rights holders is too high.

    With these films, you have two potential "income streams" - the diehard cult movie buff and the casual buyer looking for something to shock their mates with! I'm sure they could be marketed to appeal to both.

    Anyone know if distributors have made moves to acquire these? And, if so, what the outcome was.
  4. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    Some are simply unavailable because owners want to much money, other because they are with majors, and others because it's impossible to track down the owners.

    And others are in the works... ;)
  5. Ade

    Ade My on fire...OH

    Oh right..good. I know better than to ask what titles they might be :D

    Hmm, extreme mondo movies with major studios? Are you willing to divulge, Marc?
  6. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    You tease us.

    I await future developments with interest.
  7. AndyBlade

    AndyBlade Unregistered User

    A lot of my wants are the same as Daves - in particular Unman, Wittering And Zigo. I saw Prison again recently for the first time in ages and thought it was a bit....boring. Rawhead Rex is (or at least was) available on DVD - I have a region one disc.

    Anyway, some of my wants...

    Ghost Town (1988)
    Mirage (1990)
    Fair Game (1986)
    Scarecrow (1982)
    Blackout (1985)
    Exterminator 2 (1984)
    The Ninja Mission (1983)
    Codename The Soldier (1982)
    Wisdom (1986)
    The Executioners Song (1981ish)
    Looking For Mr Goodbar (1977)
    The Legend Of Billie Jean (1985)
    Separate Vacations (1986)

    Lots more no doubt, they're just the ones off the top of my head.
  8. Companero

    Companero Shameless Coasterboy

    There's a fairly decent, albeit non-anamorphic release on BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY out in Spain. I have the disc and it has an English dub.
  9. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Andy - is the Rawhead Rex R1 DVD OAR or is it the same fullscreen one as the R2?

    Best, D.
  10. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Oh, and two more that I remembered: STUNTS (1977) and SONNY BOY (1989)...
  11. Wynter

    Wynter New Member

    Dave-Jay, Trancers is already out on UK DVD:



    I'm just waiting for The Keep.
  12. mark meakin

    mark meakin Registered User

    The Uninvited (1944)(Paramount)
    Pray For Death (1985) Sho Kosugi (MGM have rights I think)
    The Keep (PARAMOUNT again:mad:)
    Ninja 3-The Domination (great fun)probably MGM
    Night Gallery (not movie but waiting for remaining seasons)
    Darkroom (1981)TV Anthology hosted by James Coburn
    A Cold Nights Death TVM
    Hearts & Armour
    Werewolf & The Yeti (awful but I would like to see it again)
    I-The Jury (1982)
  13. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Thanks, Wynter - but that's a crappy fullscreen port from the R1 laserdisc... I've got a VHS release from a while back that's better looking!

    MGM own the Empire catalogue, so I'm thinking one day they might release a decent quality, Midnite Movie double bill of TRANCERS & ZONE TROOPERS...

    Well, one lives in hope...
  14. mark meakin

    mark meakin Registered User

    Codename-The Soldier is out here cut but also I think in Germany.
  15. Wynter

    Wynter New Member

    oh, that's one to cross off the lovefilm list then
  16. AndyBlade

    AndyBlade Unregistered User

    Its fullscreen, sadly....and out of print too it seems - its for sale at silly prices on marketplace.

    Another few I thought of just now I'd like to see -

    Certain Fury (1985)
    Busted Up (1986)
    Slaughter High (1986)

    And uncut releases of Chained Heat and Red Heat
  17. jacksmith1983

    jacksmith1983 Active Member

    Savage Man... Savage Beast has recently been issued on DVD in Japan by a company called Triple X Film. However, whilst essentially uncut in terms of content this release features the usual "optical fogging" of genitals and forced, unremovable subtitles. I have therefore not bothered buying as it would offer no real upgrade from the similar uncut but optically fogged copy I already own of this particular film.

    Anyway for anyone that is interested the soon to depart Xploited Cinema have it available here quite cheaply.

    If I remember rightly Marc, did you not inform us a few years ago that Shriek Show were looking to issue Savage Man... Savage Beast on DVD? I assume those plans bit the dust then?

    While I don't particularly care for this film it is however a definite landmark film in the world of exploitation in that it was the first of several extremely unpleasant latter day Italian mondo pictures which bridge the gap between the more quaint, traditional travelogue format Italian mondo's of the sixties and the blatantly snuff driven extremes seen in the Faces Of Death series and its ilk.

    It is surprising that basically none of the Italian mondo pictures outside of the Jacopetti/Prosperi pictures have enjoyed a decent DVD release.
  18. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    It was once on their schedule - I have no idea what happened to it. Perhaps they considered it too offensive?
  19. christats

    christats look at the muck in here.

    Out of the first list in the thread, I wouldn't mind Here We Go Round The Mulbery Bush,Bed Sitting Room and The Boogens.

    I and others seem to have been waiting forever for House on Straw Hill/Expose from Barrel.

    Mumsy Nanny Sonny and Girly seems to be perminantly on hold with Redemption.Looks like the once rumoured September release is not happening.

    Whatever happened to Orchard End Murder.?

    I still would like a release of Wildcats of St Trinians,I know its terminally bad.
    Whats the chances of Warner or whoever putting that out.Thought it would have happened with there being a recent film.

    Are Synapse still doing Kindred.?I was nearly tempted by the R4 but I suspect its a VHS transfer.
  20. AndyBlade

    AndyBlade Unregistered User

    And some I've got to thinking, theres loads of titles I want which arent on DVD yet.

    Rolling Thunder (1977)
    Death Valley (1982)
    Blood Tracks (1985)
    Death Weekend (1976)
    House Of Long Shadows (1983)
    Curtains (1983)
    The Nesting (1981)
    Thunder (1983)
    In The Shadow Of Kilimanjaro (1986)
    Deadtime Stories (1986)

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