Snowpiercer (Joon-ho Bong, 2013)

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    I'm really surprised to see that this piece of intelligent, social sci-fi hasn't been mentioned already! The premise is that the proposed answer to the climate crisis ended disastrously and plunged the world into another Ice Age. A few survivors circumvent the globe in a train, the Snowpiercer, that uses perpetual motion technology to keep going. The rich people are at the front of the train and the poor inhabit the very back, living in nothing more than a slum. One man decides that enough is enough and forms a group who battle their way to the front of the train.

    The film is based on the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige, and is destined to be a cult, sci-fi classic, featuring rich characterisation and a well plotted story. As far as I know, this has already been out in in the Far East and Europe; the reason it hasn't come out here or America yet is due to Harvey Weinstein, who felt that the original story was too slow paced (read 'intelligent') for an American audience, so decided to sit on it. The uncut version of the film is 126 minutes long and I know that Weinstein wanted to cut at least 20 minutes out of it to make it more action packed. Cutting the film will destroy it and that really is the bottom line.

    Get the Blu-ray from Europe as I know it's the full European version.



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    just purchased the hong kong blu ray from ddd house for about £18 all in. looking forward to seeing this one. sounds great
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    Its a good movie no doubt... shame I didnt pay attention to it early on as then I would have had a chance to watch the movie with the director ON a moving train! that would have been epic

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