Sexandroide (Massacre Video)

Discussion in 'Euro Cult' started by Someone Weird, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Anyone pick up this MASSACRE VIDEO release?



    "Welcome to the temple of fear and eroticism, as a monstrous madman slowly mutilates poor young girls! See the sensual act of voodoo preformed on an innocent bar patron! View the lustful bite of a vampire!

    Originally marketed in France as blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this rarely seen, often talked about, shot-on-video classic is finally seeing an official DVD release. A unique and bizarre flick that defies easy classification, Sexandroide is a must for fans of extreme entertainment. Simultaneously sexy and sick, Sexandroide has it all."

    Reversible Uncensored Cover
    All New Transfer from the Original Master
    Excerpts from the alternative Japanese Cut of the Film
    Stills Gallery
    Trailers for other Massacre Video Releases


    If you are after something different/unusual, then this is the film! Unfortunately the soundtrack has had to be overhauled for the DVD release for copyright reasons, so if you have it on VHS/DVD-R you may want to hold on to that version for the original score - which includes tracks from CREEPSHOW and a couple of numbers by TINA TURNER. The new track is ok but if you are used to the original, then it may be more problematic. The extra's include excerpts from a Japanese release, which edited in scenes from some porno's to the mix - then pixellated/blurred out all the hardcore action! Some of this footage is from the Italian midget rapist flick BABY SITTER.

    For those who can't get enough SEXANDROIDE in their life, you may also wish to consider this lovely pair of socks:


    (edit: doh, just noticed they are out of stock)
  2. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    i have this one, never seen it with the original soundtrack. so it shouldnt bother me too much.

    sounds like a lot of fun!
  3. drterror666

    drterror666 Too Much... for One Movie!

    I think I mentioned that I had this on a dodgy recorded VHS; I may still have it somewhere. It starts off in a bar where this woman decides to go to the loo and then someone starts up with the voodoo doll. It's pretty gruesome in a low-budget way. The second part has some freak torturing this woman, including nipple cutting, if I remember correctly. This one had the Creepshow music over the top. The last bit is the strangest and has some vampire woman doing a nude dance to some Tina Turner. Very, very strange! Never, ever thought I'd see this one come out on DVD.

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