Sacrifice! (Rarovideo USA)

Discussion in 'Euro Cult' started by Someone Weird, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Raro Video have sneaked out Umberto Lenzi's DEEP RIVER SAVAGES out on blu under the alt. title SACRIFICE.

    It is currently only available on their feaces book page but, don't worry if you don't have face book as you can still order it without having to sign up.

    It arrived this moring and looks very good. Includes a documentary on cannibal films called CANNIBAL WORLD and a nice print of the film, despite what some people are saying...but these spoilt fan boys who bang on about "white noise" and "scanner noise" or whatever they go on about should just shut the fuck up and try just watching a movie without looking for problems to moan about. They've never had it this good, idiots.

    Also, this version is uncut with all the juicy animal butchery, sex and gore intact. Well worth picking up.

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