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Discussion in 'Games!' started by Mallo, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Mallo

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    I've been getting into Project Zomboid from Steam recently and find it curiously compulsive to play, and something of a challenge. The developers have created a complex 'sandbox' style survival game with simple isometric graphics and a playable user interface. Be warned though: when you're dead, you're dead - there is no loading a save from previously and picking up from where you left off. This is not Scott Pilgrim. This is real life. Well, real life inside a virtual reality computer game...

    It's an 'indie' game, and what the developers have done so far is impressive. There is still quite a lot to be added to the game (such as vehicles and Non-player characters) and the game is still in Steam Early Access.

    It's a good game though - I recommend Project Zomboid to anyone who loves killing zombies! And also likes tough games. It's unforgiving... Just remember to back up your saves every now and then when you build a character up. I spent a week building one up and lost it in a random fire. Not a happy feeling... Back up your saves!



  2. drterror666

    drterror666 Too Much... for One Movie!

    I must admit that I died very quickly!
  3. Mallo

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    Me too on my first few attempts. Here are my tips for starting out:

    1. Get a baseball bat and go for the silent approach (guns are far too noisy)
    2. Attract zombies to you one or two at a time
    3. If you attract three or more zombies: run away
    4. When you run away try to get zombies to spread out before you go back to take them out
    5. Have multiple houses as your bases and collect tools for building
    6. Try not to lose your bearings and accidentally run into an infested area
    7. Don't carry too much - it slows you down when running from zombies
    8. Remember to close the outer doors to the house before you sleep
    9. Don't leave the oven on - you'll burn the house down
    10. Don't play the game when you're tired - you'll make a mistake and die!

    And get used to judging the speed of zombies and which to take out first :)

    These guides are good:

    And an interactive map:
  4. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    this looks great, please put it on ps4
  5. Mallo

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    Unless the game does really well out of the blocks, it's unlikely to make it to PS4 or XB1. More likely to be available for the Valve SteamBox console next year. The developers are only working on PC, Mac and Linux versions at the moment. If it does ever come out for PS4 it'll someone else making it from a license. I think The Indie Stone have less than ten people working on the game in total, so it's a relatively small production.

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