Pleasure Shop On 7th Avenue (Joe D'Amato, 1979) DVD

Discussion in 'Euro Cult' started by finishominis, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. finishominis

    finishominis Sheriff of Hong Kong

    Music Video Distribution are releasing this on Tuesday (27th October). I've never seen it but it sounds sleazy and it's pretty cheap too.


  2. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    Sigh... another Jef Films bootleg.
  3. finishominis

    finishominis Sheriff of Hong Kong

    That's disappointing - ironically, it actually seemed too cheap to be from them...
  4. MarcMorris

    MarcMorris Head Honcho Staff Member

    It's probably a copy from the old heavily censored UK pre-cert if it has this title.
  5. guthrie!

    guthrie! New Member

    Cheers Marc i'm glad i read this before seeing it for sale as i've been after this for a while. I'm not looking for any ultra rare original (£-as usual) but does anyone know if it's available anywhere other than crappy bootlegs? Incidentally i have an old copy of MS mag from the seventies which advertises this as a hardcore film (like they did in those old mags, QUEEN OF THE BLUES anyone? Or LADIES DOCTOR) along with MUDDY MINGES/ASTRAL FILMS. Sorry to go off on one there folks.
  6. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    I have two versions of this. The English language version (soft) and an Italian version with hardcore inserts. It's an ok film, but a tad boring after a while. A decent quality release would be appreciated - would have been good if a company like Severin had tackled it when they were releasing XXX versions of some of their titles.
  7. drterror666

    drterror666 Too Much... for One Movie!

    Wow, nice bit of thread necrophilia!

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