Minder (2008)

Discussion in 'Television' started by se7en45, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. WaveCrest

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    Dennis Waterman is also in New Tricks which is a very good drama.
  2. strozek

    strozek The J Man

    You've gotta love Chisholm's and Rycott's dogged attempts to nab Arthur Daley only to fail at every turn!

    As the great man himself says at the climax of 'The Last Video Show':

    "Arthur Daley....the man they couldn't hold!"

    It's also worth noting how heavily edited some of the late '90s satellite screenings of Minder were. Apart from the removal of all bad language and some snipping of fight scenes there was also a reduction of un-PC terminology in some episodes. At least the DVD versions are complete and uncut as far as i'm aware.:)
  3. strozek

    strozek The J Man

    Here's another three classic Minder outings i forgot to include earlier:

    Goodbye Sailor
    A Tethered Goat
    and Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread:)
  4. Vaughan

    Vaughan Active Member

    I was watching a TV show last night, I don't even kno what it was. Anyway, it was an American black guy, who had always wanted to come to the UK. He wanted to learn about our culture, but he only had access to Rumpole of the Old Bailey, and Minder. It was hilarious to listen to what he came up with:

    "Hey, this guy Arthur would ask his bodyguard to do things, like sleep with horses, and all. What I never understood was, why didn't he just say no and walk away? Just say "Arthur, I'm not doing that, and hit the road?" It was all in the delivery....... :D

    "And then there was all this cockney rhyming slang. North-South, and that. Guy, MOUTH, why not just say MOUTH? I don't get it."

    Brilliant stuff.
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Sex at Teatime

    As mentioned earlier in this thread, I have been waiting for this:

    All 10 seasons and the three specials in one box set, and at £105.99 its a good price.

    Problem is:
    I can't justify that much money on myself in one shot, and accept its a birthday present from family. My birthday isn't until July. Does anybody know if this is a time limited thing etc etc, will the price go up or down. Any comments on the set would be nice to hear (good or bad). :D
  6. Vaughan

    Vaughan Active Member

    Oh come on mate - 50 quid tops in six months at a HMV sale. No doubt.
  7. Grant

    Grant Active Member

    The complete Sweeney box was in Zavvi today for forty quid. I'd say you know it makes sense to wait Wayne. ;)
  8. Wayne

    Wayne Sex at Teatime

    Yeah, this is true, and I will be waiting as my birthday is back end of July. I just remember that I waited for the ABUK Halloween 8disc boxset, and it was only released for a short time. I really wanted that and when I went to buy it, it was no longer available. I didn't want the same thing to happen here, although I'm sure it won't.

    Whilst it will come down in price, at the moment you get each season for a tenner and the three specials for £6.99, so its priced fair, although Amazon are asking a lot more for it.
  9. Gattaca

    Gattaca New Member

    'The Last Video Show' was one of the classic episodes when Arthur opened up his video shop "at a £1 a go " :D
  10. WaveCrest

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    Earlier I checked HMV's website for the various newly packaged Minder R2 boxsets and the boxset containing series 1-10 is currently £144.99.

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