Lost DRACULA footage officially exists!

Discussion in 'British Cinema' started by bgart13, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Sir James Carreras stated that Hammer shot footage for the Japanese market and I could never see any reason why he would have lied about it.
  3. thehamish

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    Michty! i wonder if there's anything else....an eating sequence from Plague?? interesting news nonetheless...
  4. Kel E

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    I love lost then found stories like this. Reminds me I need to check out the recent Metropolis restored version.
  5. LordFinesse

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    The recent restoration of Metropolis is brilliant, I saw it in the cinema when it was released and it was really amazing to see it in its (supposed) entirity. I can only recommend that you check it out.
  6. Mr_Bungle

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    So according to the article only the last half hour or so of the Japanese print survived. Was there any other missing footage contained within the other reels that were lost in the fire?
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