Jurassic World (2015)

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    Had a look at the trailer for next years 'Blockbuster', has a sort of Dinosaurs run amok in Disney World feel, looks ok, CGI does not look that good(especially scene where a sea monster jumps out of the water to eat a shark)but I suppose this is not the finished product , hopefully there will be some animatronic effects as well, still love a good Dinosaur movie and thought the first movie was one of Spielberg's best and the effects still look pretty good today, it was the last movie I saw at the cinema and thought "Wow how did they do that", of course we all know it's CGI now, shame I don't think kids today will ever experience that 'Wow' factor, everyone knows how special effects are done nowadays.

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    I will treat this film as I would treat an outbreak of bubonic plague.
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    This type of story is what I assumed the first movie would be--Westworld with Dinosaurs--and as I had seen marketing tie ins like trading cards showing a triceratops head butting a tour jeep i was disappointed JP didnt have more of an Irwin Allen type set up with lots of tourists and dinosaurs. The fx really were a jaw dropper though-especially when the T-rex leaves the fence and walks into the road. The JP films had very good cgi animation-(I had known about it being groundbreaking for months in advance and it didnt disappoint)-they had used Phil Tippett's stop motion animators for the first and probably the others so the creatures acted like they were large-not weightless cgi ghosts. The animatronics helped of course--I prefer combinations. All three movies did that and supposedly this does also.
    I assume the fx are temporary--they can fiddle with it right to the last minute.
    But I probably wont see this in a theater.

    I heard after they finished the third movie, they had the full size mechanical t-rex fight the full size spinosaurus and the latter ripped the head off the t-rex. Havent checked if they have it on youtube.

    Trivia: JP wouldnt have been CGI if not for James Cameron's intervention. He had been using CGI for the Abyss and Terminator 2--but the CGI department at ILM was considered a black sheep-- the two canadians who ran it were rebellious and almost fired on George Lucas' orders because they had gone into and lounged around in his office during a late party. But Cameron needed them for T2 so they were saved. The plan for JP had been to use animatronics for all of it (Spielberg did not like stop motion but was forced to use it for a few shots). Tippett, an expert stop motion animator who had done Dragonslayer and Robocop was brought in. It would have been Tippett's lifetime dream project. CGI was to be used for enhancing the stop motion with realistic motion blur--but Steve Williams, one of the two canadians, felt that CGI could do the dinosaurs without stop motion and he did a demo on his own time and made sure it was playing on a monitor when Spielberg's people were walking by. They were intrigued so further tests were done and eventually Spielberg was convinced and didnt want to use stop motion at all. No one told Tippett until he saw the final demos. He ended up in hospital from stress. It caused an internal fight in ILM (all ILM movies have company documentaries made which dont get shown to the public)--but a compromise was reached--Tippett's people would animate the dinosaurs using a crude lego-type device covered in wires connected to computer so they would oversee the animation (they had already done extensive tests with stop motion). Without Tippett's help it would probably have been much less convincing. He designed the dragon for Dragonheart and left--but supervised Starship Troopers--the former's animation doesnt look so good now, but the latter still holds up as heavy moving creatures--not like a videi game. Tippett is supervising on JW but I heard that his role is not as big as it was. There was a quote by Tippett recently on how visual effects in movies had changed--in the old days he was considered an artist and given some leeway in doing things and creative input--but now the studios have middle managers with laser pointers who nitpick everything and find things to change for the sake of changing things to justify their employment. He said in the end you are like a furniture mover who says: "listen lady-I dont give a fuck, just tell me where you want me to drop the sofa."
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    Mr Sinn, anybody really, how do you get hold of a big poster like that, or go-big, is it as smaller poster, blown-up by way of I.T. wizardry, and if not, where's it come from, size matters in this world, so just curious... you know?

    Opening it to the floor now, does anybody think that a tent-pole studio product like this allows space for "art", in the CGI, the script, the performances, is there space for a film with atmosphere and heart and soul to exist, or is it just a a huge multi-million pouind, 4-quads, bums on seats money spinner, trading solely on residue nostalgia from the days of Jurassic Park and the obsession all kids have with dino-saurs?

    And who is this aimed at, kids?
    kids + dads,
    Special effects, appreciators who want an event film and to be part of the 'crowd'.


    "I saw it but did you see it [syndrome], no, oh well, you're not so cool as what I am."

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    Interesting Kel....
    a nice bit of trivia there...

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