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    i've recently been contacted by John N Cohen, the surviving director of the Jacey Cinema Chain, which his family used to run. John has recently put together a website about the Jacey cinemas which does provide the most comprehensive history of the Jacey chain that I have read and manages to answer many of the questions I’ve had over the years about the Jacey and the Cohen family. Particularly of interest to British exploitation film buffs will be the account of the backlash the Cohens faced following the release of Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom in 1960, the family’s unsuccessful attempt to kill off the public’s interest in the nudist film genre and John’s newspaper clippings relating to The Yellow Teddybears.

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    Nothing like a bunch of right-wingers to halt any sign of change that doesn't come with a 'good, clean fun' label! 'Nudist nonsense' indeed! No wonder their takings went up!
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    This is one of the London Jaceys, as seen in Robert Hartford-Davis’ Corruption, obviously those nudist films weren’t so easy to kill off with the then eight years old ‘Nudist Paradise’ still doing the rounds with the Japanese horror classic Onibaba.

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