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    Have a few films up for grabs if anyone is interested. Prices are cheaper than those on Amazon marketplace, or would consider trading if there's anything you want shot of that I'd be interested in. PM me if so:


    Alien Apocalypse (Anchor Bay) £1
    Anita (Impulse) £5
    Burning (The) (MGM) £5
    Clash Of The Titans (Warner) (Snapper Case) £1
    Cyclops (Anchor Bay) £1
    Devil Inside Her (Alpha Blue) £10
    Django Kills Silently/Django's Cut Price Corpses (Timeless Media) £2
    Duck You Sucker (MGM) £3 (no slipcase)
    Emanuelle Collection (Exploitation Digital) £12
    Erotic Cartoon Festival (Alpha Blue) £10
    Hatchet (Anchor Bay) £3 (slight damage along top of front cover due to original seal)
    Hellbound Hellraises 2 (Anchor bay) (20th Anniversary Ed) (apparently released with slipcase but doesn't have one here) £7
    Her Name Was Lisa (Alpha Blue) £10
    House By The Cemetery (Blue Underground) (1st Release) £2
    In The Realm Of The Sense (Criterion) £15
    Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer (Anchor Bay) £3
    Killer Klowns From Outer Space (MGM) £3 (still in shrinkwrap)
    Man Called Django/Django And Sartana's Showdown In The West (Timeless Media) £2
    Nunsploitation Collection (Exploitation Digital) £12
    Phenomena (Anchor Bay) (Remastered) (apparently released with slipcase but doesn't have one here) £7
    Playgirls Of Munich (After Hours) (no slipcase) £5
    Schoolgirl Report 3 (Impulse) (Uncut Version) £7
    Sex In The Comics (Alpha Blue) £10
    Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror (MGM Midnite Movies) £7
    Tenebre (Anchor Bay) (Remastered) (apparently released with slipcase but doesn't have one here) £7
    Terror Circus (Shriek Show) £5
    Violence And Flesh (Impulse) £5
    Worm Eaters (The) (Alpha) £1

    Or the whole lot for £100.


    Men Behind The Sun (Shock) £10
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