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  1. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    i'm doing a project on sort of foreign cinema made or set in Britain, usually italian or American. like living dead at manchester morgue, which stars critstina galbo who was also in What have you done to Solange WHICH HAD FUCHSBERGER WHO WAS IN FAXCE OF FU MANCHU, WHICH WAS BRITISH-GERMAN yet made in ireland (bishop brennan from father ted has a small role, and my grandad was a prop man on it, and Chrsitopher Lee, James Robertson Justice, Nigel Green...)

    and also weekend murders, which has the Major from Fawlty Towers, Ballad Berkely (curiosuly dubbed) Lance Percival and Eric Pollard from Emmerdale.

    the patrick magee=- lucio fulci black cat

    Any other suggestions.
  2. thehamish

    thehamish teuchter on the doorstep

    Lizard in a Womans skin by Fulci, has stanley baker in it etc, filmed in london. can you slow down whilst youre typing though....
  3. noglea

    noglea Registered User

    It wasn't filmed in Britain but I think 'What the Swedish Bulter Saw' was set here if I remember correctly.
  4. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    yes, any more suggestions. there's Panic, starring David Warback, who was also in Black Cat, several Paul Naschy stuff, too many giallos, terror in wax museum with all tohse old Brit-in-Hollywood guys like Milland, Elsa Lanchester, Patric Knowles, Maurice Evans, and also Carradine. it's also backlot and then that Stewart Granger GHound of the Baskervilles with Shatner still using his American-Canadian accent as an Englishman and Jane Merrow off Hands of the Ripper. The Dartmoor village is in fact an old cowboy village.
  5. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    and can we count US detective shows like columbo with dagger of the mind, only partly filmed bits in lond with john fraser and richard pearson from wind in the willows?
  6. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Stuart Gordon's DOLLS: set in Britain, filmed in Italy.
  7. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    anymore? the Sherlock Holmes pilot with stewart granger? all those lxg, AROUND WORLD 80 DAYS , FROM HELL SHNAGHAI KKNIGHTS LONDON-SET FILMS
  8. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Kiss the boot, man...

    Wasn't Sergio Martino's ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK set in London? Ditto Enzo Castellari's COLD EYES OF FEAR. DEEP END had Germany doubling for the UK. That's all I can think of for now!
  9. Mark Y

    Mark Y ageing exploitation fan

    Indeed it was.

    Naschy's Dr. Jekyll Vs The Werewolf has him strolling round Soho in Dr. Jekyll garb.

    Andy Milligan! ;)
  10. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    The Killing of Sister George (partially filmed on location in England, studios done in Hollywood)
    Midnight Lace
    The Time Machine
    Time after Time

    The Lost World 1960
    Five weeks in a balloon

    Seven notes in black
    Mary Poppins (although Bedknobs and Broomsticks i think had stuff in Britain)

    Done in Prague
    Shanghai Knights
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    The Omen remake
  11. gavcrimson

    gavcrimson Registered User

    The Hand of Pleasure (1971)

    US filmed sex/horror hybrid, that stars porno regulars, big bust model Roxanne Brewer, and the film’s director Zoltan G Spencer who plays masked baddie ‘Dr Dreadful’. Lots of stock footage of Soho and "bizarre London types" is used to pad the film out and create the illusion of British location shooting.

    There are clips from this, minus the naughty bits, on youtube

  12. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    OOh, yes, is Darrell Buxton on this forum? I'd like ot have a chat with him.
  13. WillHay

    WillHay Member

    Did Jess Franco make a film in the UK?

    There's all those Disney films made in the UK, one of them features Jodie Foster. Can't recall the names, but they used to be on TV a lot years ago.

    Star Wars & Alien were made in the UK.
  14. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    Those Disney films were made in Pinewood like Candleshoe and One of our Dinosaurs are missing, but Poppins and Broomsticks were done in Hollywood. Franco, I think Blood and Castle of Fu Manchu had british money, and were set in Brtiain with Brit actors, but were filmed in Spain, as was the Bloody Judge.
  15. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

  16. gavcrimson

    gavcrimson Registered User

    Arnold Baxter’s The Loves of Cynthia (1972), british actors in the lead roles (including glamour model Flanagan, perhaps now better remembered for her association with the Kray Twins), opening scenes shot here, the rest of the film is Denmark being passed off as rural England. Released heavily cut on UK video under the title ‘Sexy Sisters’.
  17. Rollo Yates

    Rollo Yates New Member

    Another Naschy flick, 7 Murders for Scotland Yard has him limping around London.
  18. tobiaswragg

    tobiaswragg The 'Head' Butcher

    Parts of Naschy's Vengeance of the Zombies are filmed in London.
  19. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    The Sinful Dwarf was another UK-set danish Boxoffice International flick, won't it?
    Any more
  20. madeleymade

    madeleymade Member

    any more? Come on you guys feed on trash cinema!

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