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    What Movie,Made For T.V. Movie Or T.V. Show Episode Has The Following Ending?

    Some Evil Guy,Possibly With Grey Hair,Is Chasing Around A Wounded Man,Possibly With A Goatee,That Is Driving In Front Of Him While The Woman,Seated Next To Him,Fires Back At That Other Guy Only To Get Shot In The Hand By Him.

    Luckily For Them,The Guy Behind Them Loses Control Of His Car & Goes Off A Cliff.

    After He Goes Off The Cliff,He Tries To Get Out,Because His Car Is In Flames.

    Unfortunately For Him,The Driver Side Door Is Jammed & It Prompts Him To Climb Out The Driver Side Window,However,When He Tries To Climb Out,The Car Explodes,Killing Him.

    Of All The Characters In It,I Remember About The Woman's Name Being Wendy & I Also Remember Renting It On VHS In Either 2000,2001 Or 2002.

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