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    Surprised not to see any comments on this one yet. That or I can't search worth a damn, which is entirely possible.

    There have been a a couple real stinkers in the Sci-Fi stakes over the last year - After Earth, Elysium both come to mind, but I could have named others. Edge of Tomorrow is hampered with it being a star vehicle for Tom Cruise, but in the end it's not nearly a bad as it could have been. In fact, it's worth seeing.

    The basic plot of this mixes Battle: Los Angeles with Looper. Earth has been invaded by aliens intent on wiping us off the face of the earth - however by some fluke (a weakness in the plot, but what can you do?) a soldier inherits the power to go back in time a short distance. So - every time he goes to war and dies, he goes back in time and let's it play out again, only this time trying something different to see if he can live longer. This being a role played by Tom Cruise you can probably assume that self-preservation isn't enough of a draw for man with that sized ego - only destroying the entire evil horde cam he make it worthwhile. It's the planet he's saving here, not just himself.

    And there you have it. Pack in lots of action (don't forget they can play out the same sequence multiple times), stacks of impressive CGI (which really has come on leaps and bounds everywhere except in Dario Argento movies), and lots of loud bangs.

    It's a fun way to spend a couple hours. The plot device does kind of get old - especially when you know he's got to die if he does something wrong (dying is how he goes back in time) and yeah - you kind of know what you're going to get. The aliens themselves actually weren't very d well designed, imo. Shame Mr. Giger couldn't have helped them out before his recent passing. Instead we get the tentacled creatures from The Matrix - basically.

    I'm sounding like I didn't enjoy this, but truth be told it was a fun ride that didn't embarrass itself too much. There are things they could have done with it, imo - the exoskeletons are awesome but in the end puny, for example - but you can't have everything.

    Grab your popcorn - and go in......

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    Sounds good Vaughan......Sounds like my cup of tea...;)
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    I'll stick with Groundhog Day. That doesn't have Cruise in it.
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    He's mainly a nose now - have you noticed? His head is shrinking, and his nose is getting bigger. Weird.

    I did have fun watching this, as i said. But it's very under-developed. It felt like they'd used a couple hundred writers on it, all slowly whittling away at a great idea......
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    It's under performed at the UK box office (last weekend) and at the US box Office (this weekend). Don't treat this as a reason to miss it. The film is very enjoyable and at times damn funny as the viewer is taken through the repetition of Cruise and Blunts, the only sin is that it started using the supporting actors way too late. Love to know what Tom Cruise thought of Tony Way performance as his bodyguard to Tom Cruise in Tittybangbang.
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    Of course, in true American style (sorry, Vaughan), the original idea was taken and distorted from this manga:


    I think the original title was the same as the manga, but they made it easier for illiterate audience members to understand. I wonder how much of the spirit of the original manga ended up on screen?
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    I like Cruise in early films, like Rain Man, very good acting, and perhaps, Born on Fourth of July but he then entered the Mission Impossible stage of his career, and now it's largely the same approach, sidekick in leading female actress, this time Emily Blunt, last it was Cameron Diaz and they big tentpole effects films,but, but ... this one did seem like it was a a bit of fun, but I dare say, it probably stil takes its self too seriously to be entirely watchable for effects alone and I prefer good acting and ideas over effects mash ups on the whole.

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