UK: Death Walks Twice (Arrow Box Set)

Discussion in 'UK News - DVD + Blu-ray' started by mr sinn, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. mr sinn

    mr sinn Well-Known Member

    Out the end of March from Arrow a box set containing two great Giallo's :

    Death Walks at Midnight & Death Walks on High Heels

  2. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    great stuff, pre ordered

    love these gialli, please release more.

    i was having a nose around and it looks like footprints is coming out on blu early next year. if its english friendly, that will be a must buy.
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  3. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Hmm, I used to have the NoShame release (with cd) but sold it during a clear - out, something I have regretted a long time now. The films are watchable but not the best Giallo's going. But I am tempted to get this since the NoShame still sells for silly money and that collector mentality within me says I need these films back in my collection.

    FOOTPRINTS I was hugely unimpressed with. A colossal bore of a movie - I have the Shameless dvd but never got more than halfway through it. I am guaranteed to nod off watching that one. A total yawn fest.

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