Confessions of Michael Klinger

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    There is some interesting information about the Confessions films mentioned on the University of West England's website about the Michael Klinger research projcect.

    - In the spring of 1976 Val Guest was considered as director for Confessions From a Holiday Camp

    - The final Timmy Lea book Confessions From a Haunted House was considered by Greg Smith but Klinger did not want to make it tellling Smith that in the same way the Carry On's died so too willl the Confessions.

    - Greg Smith wrote a letter to Christopher Wood in November 1975 regarding adapting Confessions of a Private Dick.

    - Jim Davidson was mentioned as possible casting in an 80s revival.

    - Potential titles included Confessions of a Cabbie, Confessions of Life Saver and Confessions of a Window Cleaner 2.
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    Confessions From A Haunted House... I like it!

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