Blood (Andy Milligan, 1974)

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  1. jacksmith1983

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    Another new review from me over at my website The Celluloid Tomb. On this rainy Friday evening we are taking a journey into the mad, mad world of everyones favourite closeted sexual deviant cum exploitation filmmaker Andy Milligan as I review his MIA 1974 horror effort Blood.

    Anyone who wishes to read my review can do so by clicking here.

    I have to say that of all the Milligan films I have seen to date this is easily one of his most entertaining and accessible, I enjoyed it a lot. Whilst as ineptly made and woodenly acted as ever (this is a Milligan film after all) at only an hour in length its really too short to outstay its welcome and Milligan piles on the hilariously lousy gore and make-up effects, man-eating plants and offbeat characterisation.

    Highly recommended to fans of bizarre, trashy no budget films and obviously existing Andy Milligan admirers will lap it up. Personally I laughed until my sides almost split! :D

    As always any comments/feeback on my review ae most welcome. I know from past discussions there are a fair few fellow Andy Milligan fans on these boards and I really hope they'll be sharing their thoughts with me. You know who you are... ;)

    On another note regular visitors to my site will notice I have tarted this particular review up with the addition of some screen shots from the film itself. I hope this improves the look of my review pages if nothing else.
  2. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Really enjoyed this one. Short and sweet, with some fun cheapo effects.
  3. tobiaswragg

    tobiaswragg The 'Head' Butcher

    When I tracked it down about 5 years ago I watched it 3 times in succession and then 2 or 3 times again the following night. Yeah, I think I must have quite liked it ;).
  4. Mark Y

    Mark Y ageing exploitation fan

    Good review jacksmith. Almost as long as the film itself ;)

    A strange one this, and very obscure. It doesn't appear to have had a video release in the States, so I've always wondered where Iver got it from, and what's happened to it since. Is it likely it will ever appear on DVD?
  5. jacksmith1983

    jacksmith1983 Active Member

    I would assume that its chances of ever seeing a legitimate DVD release are quite slim.

    Glad to see some others liked this film aswell as me and thanks for the words of support guys.
  6. Punk Rich

    Punk Rich Registered Abuser

    I won the pre-cert of this on Ebay about a year ago but never got round to watching it because I'd moved house and didn't have a video player set up. Got round to setting it all up to record it to DVD a couple of weeks ago and, lo and behold, about ten seconds after the film finished an episode of some Hanna Barbera cartoon appears on the tape. Balls.
  7. cloud

    cloud Active Member

    Here are my own thoughts on this film (that I wrote last year):


    Director: Andy Milligan.

    Cast: Alan Berendt, Hope Stansbury, Patricia Gaul, Michael Fischetti, Pichulina Hempi, Pamela Adams, John Wallowitch, Martin Reymert, David Bevans, Eve Crosby, Joe Downing, Sophia Andoniadis and Lawrence Seelers.

    Year: 1974.


    A mysterious man moves into a house and pays 3 months rent in advance. He makes sure there are rooms where sunlight can't enter and advises the property owner not to return as he'll send him his payments well in advance. Straight after his maids drag in a sickly looking woman (with amusingly great looking makeup ) who we soon learn is his wife and they start breeding man eating plants in an effort to stop them transforming as she is the daughter of Count Dracula and he is the son of The Wolfman!!

    The final film of Andy Milligan's before taking a 4 year break and making the woeful (and pointless) LEGACY OF BLOOD. This stands as one of his very best film. Its production values were as high as he ever got and as a result he made a slightly more polished looking film coupled with his usual trademarks such as schizophrenic camera movement that would give the later fad of handicam movies a good run for their money, the usual unhappy heterosexual couples, bad acting, hilarious bickering, dodgy makeup jobs (bushy eyebrows, bizarrely done monsters), Raffine-made Victorian costumes that kind of look out of place in modern day America and good old fashioned hand lopping.

    The mix of higher budget and standard Milligan traits couple with its brisk 57 minute runtime make this one of the easiest of his films to sit through. It really does feel like a breeze and suits his style of film making most. His feature length films are fantastic and barring LEGACY OF BLOOD and SURGIKILL I'm yet to see one film by him that I dislike. However some of his work like with a lot of low budget films suffer from fairly tedious parts and can be a slog at times. With this he crams everything in, swiftly gets to the point of the film, stays at a consistent level and then rounds it off brilliantly with not only one twist but two. It ain't all positives though, there is a mouse killing scene which wasn't very pleasant and I'm just wondering if it was a real mouse used. Anyway I didn't let that make me dislike the rest of the film and aside from that the werewolf suit is fantastically tacky, the gore scenes are nice, with one man getting it in the head (shortly after sharing a passionate kiss with a girl we later find out is his sister), the landlord is eaten up by the plants and an old hag loses her hands to Dracula's daughter (who does look the part thanks to the eye candy that is Hope Stansbury). And just when you think the film has run its course and has nowhere else to go the final scene shows the new tenant is a certain Baron Von Frankenstein.

    All in all it doesn't get much more fun than this. An excellent film that should be seen by any self respecting trash movie fan, if you can find a copy of course. Mine was double billed on a DVD-R import with the Paul Naschy film - Assignment Terror. The quality of the disc was VHS standard.

    My verdict? - 4/5.

  8. jacksmith1983

    jacksmith1983 Active Member

    Nice one! :cool:

    Pound for pound I would actually say that Blood is probably my personal favourite Andy Milligan film and I had a sneaking suspicion that you would like it too.

    Has it really been less than a year since I abandoned my once cherished website The Celluloid Tomb? For some reason it seems much longer than that.
  9. cloud

    cloud Active Member

    While Blood is undoubtedly a gem and is up there with Milligan's finest work I'd have to say that my overall favourite of his is The Ghastly Ones. I'm probably a bit biased because it was the film that introduced me to the mad world of Andy Milligan but there's something about it that really stands out. Others I also like more than Blood are Carnage (which is blast!), Bloodthirsty Butchers and probably Seeds Of Sin if I could see it in its entirety and without the dodgy sex inserts. It's a shame only about half of the film Milligan intended to make exists but it was a nice touch all the same by SWV to include on the double bill DVD. I love Milligan's UK based films, they showed an even darker side to his work and he was going to make even more over here before getting into a punch up with the producer (whose name escapes me right now).

    It's a shame Jimmy McDonough couldn't sell off that Milligan bundle (which included a couple of previously lost films). There's about half of Milligan's filmography that remains lost so it would be great to see some more see the light of day. If I had won the lottery I'd have bought it off him!
  10. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    My favourite Milligan is also The Ghastly Ones, and like Cloud, it was my first introduction to his work - I was expecting to hate it based on all the negative press I had read on Milligan ("Worst film maker ever" etc), which in a way I'm thankful for as it made me inquisitive, and so the film was such a pleasant surprise I've always had fond memories of it, and have re-visited it many times since. It still entertains and I never get bored. I had The Bloodthirsty Butchers on the same VHS tape back then, which I initially didn't like actually, but the more of his films I watched the more I appreciated his style etc, and so when re-visiting that particular film, I now enjoy it a lot more. As mentioned above, I think Blood is good fun, and certainly amongst my Milligan favourites. A top 5 of Milligan's home grown wonders would probably be:

    The Ghastly Ones
    The Man With 2 Heads
    Seeds of Sin

    Though I also rate 'Vapors', 'The Body Beneath', 'Torture Dungeon', 'Fleshpot on 42nd Street', 'Bloodthirsty Butchers', 'The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here!' and 'Guru, The Mad Monk'. Again, like Cloud says, Legacy of Horror was pretty poor, and I've not bothered with his later work Monstrosity/The Weirdo/Surgikill.

    'Carnage/Blood/Torture Dungeon/Rats are Coming...' I would dearly like to see get respectable DVD releases (I would add 'Man With 2 Heads/Butchers and Fleshpot' but the SWV DVD-R's are fine).
  11. tobiaswragg

    tobiaswragg The 'Head' Butcher

    Recent news posted on Exhumed Films' Facebook page:

    Attention Andy Milligan fans: if you have only enjoyed BLOOD in a 57 min. version copied from a long out-of-print UK VHS tape, you should be aware that the version you've seen is cut by some 12 minutes! That's right -- the unavailable US theatrical version of the film that we'll be screening as part of Exhumed Films' Forgotten Film Fest runs 69 mins!

    Code Red have announced that they may be releasing BLOOD on Blu-ray, along with Andy's Mishkin horrors.
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