Bargain of the year? Herbie Collection for £3!

Discussion in 'Bargains Area' started by Mark Y, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Mark Y

    Mark Y ageing exploitation fan

    Was browsing in Sainsbury's today and found the 5 disc Disney Herbie collection for £3. Thought it was a mistake but that was the actual price. Not to everyone's taste I admit but I'm old enough to have seen The Love Bug at the cinema and it also includes Fully Loaded with Lilo. Gotta be worth 3 quid for those two alone...
  2. Paul Moran

    Paul Moran Registered User

    A bargain indeed - a massive £21.99 from Sainsbury's on-line!
    I'll have to stick with my off-air DVD-Rs of The Love Bug and Herbie: Fully Loaded, as I'm too lazy to make the (bus) trip to my nearest Sainsbury's on the off chance they have one.
  3. thehamish

    thehamish teuchter on the doorstep

    am still determined to get the Herbie i saw with Bruce Campbell driving!! John Hannah played the "bad guy" who creates a "evil" (ie painted black, hmmm) VW... i DID NOT hallucinate this...
  4. thehamish

    thehamish teuchter on the doorstep

    The Love Bug (1997)!! Only available on a US vhs it seems.
  5. the13thman

    the13thman Lucky for some

    I taped this off Channel 5 many years ago (back when I still used my VHS), shame it never made it to DVD...

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