Anthropophagous Beast - how gory is it?

Discussion in 'Euro Cult' started by Fred Karno, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Fred Karno

    Fred Karno New Member

    Hello Folks,
    I am going to a film festival in Prague next week to show some shorts. They are showing a lot of horror stuff, and on one of the night I am ther they are showing Antropophagus The Beast. This is a film I have never seen and only read about, I am looking forward to seeing it, but my missus is not, as she doesn't really like gore films. My question is this, is it a really nasty film or has this film become a bit cheesy over the years?
  2. Jonny Rojo

    Jonny Rojo Are you sure Baxter?

    Re: Antropophagus The Beast - how gory is it?

    I don't think your missus will like it.

    Quoted from Wikipedia...

    "In the film's most notorious scene, the killer strangles a pregnant woman while pulling the fetus from her womb and then devouring it (in reality the fetus was a skinned rabbit covered with fake blood).. The effect proved so convincing that the filmmakers were attacked and questioned as to whether they really extracted a human fetus from its mother's womb"
  3. Vaughan

    Vaughan Active Member

    Re: Antropophagus The Beast - how gory is it?

    It has a couple moments, like two. I actually think is pretty much a hard done by little film. It was much better than I was expecting and had plenty of atmosphere. There are a couple standout gory sequences (the baby sequence, which in the R1 DVD is pretty dark) and in the final climatic scenes - but other than that it's not too bad.

    I like this one.

    Tell you wife to give you a hug when she needs to turn away. Maybe you'll get lucky afterwards. :D
  4. gax

    gax Remakes Suck

    Re: Antropophagus The Beast - how gory is it?

    its ok very slow though,2 gore scenes both in the last 30 mins,but it could be classed as scary,it scared the crap out of my m8s girlfriend when we watched it
  5. Rich

    Rich Registered User

    Re: Antropophagus The Beast - how gory is it?

    The make-up and gore fx are very crude, you couldn't possibly take the violence portrayed in this flick seriously imo.The film does have atmosphere though.For years I avoided watching Anthropophagus after hearing nothing but bad things about it (it's boring,it's crap,etc), but after finally seeing it for myself I'd have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

    JAMIOUSE Born on Friday 13th!

    I don't think Anthro is particulary gory at all, it's overly long, badly paced and badly edited. The gore is bad and the baby / intestine scene laughable, it's also very badly lit from what I remember. Absurd was much better!
  7. Fred Karno

    Fred Karno New Member

    Thanks for the advice...
    Sadly it makes it worse that my missus has two pet rabbits...
  8. Vaughan

    Vaughan Active Member

    That would be a problem. The buzzing would definitely kill the ambiance.
  9. Rich

    Rich Registered User

    That's okay, just tell her it's a real aborted baby, no problemo! :D
  10. zanner

    zanner ALPHAVILLE

    Damnit, I was going to say something like this:D
  11. jacksmith1983

    jacksmith1983 Active Member

    In all seriousness I have always quite liked Anthropophagous and to be honest I think it suffers from something of an undeserved bad rap in some hardcore horror circles. Yes it is quite leadenly paced and does seem a little cheap and clumsy in places. However, to his credit D'Amato does, in my opinion, craft a fairly effective and disconcerting atmosphere around the films dank, decaying island settings and the films gory final third still packs a decent punch. The initial appearance of Eastman's slavering ghoul is also quite subtle and creepy too I thought.

    As I say I quite like it, although I do agree that it's largely unrelated "sequel" Absurd is a more purely entertaining and visceral film. Perhaps D'Amato's most effective foray into the horror genre.
  12. Fred Karno

    Fred Karno New Member

    Well, for those that are interested, a report of the SHOCKPROOF FILM FESTIVAL that showed the above film, amongst others can be found here...

  13. helen-bot

    helen-bot New Member

    Sticking my oar in to this conversation a bit late - I really like this film (although I agree that Absurd is better...) and despite slowness issues it's well worth a watch. The cheesy gore affects are probably much more noticeable to someone who watches a lot of gore so tread carefully.

    All that said, did your wife watch it? What did she think?
  14. Echoes

    Echoes New Member

    I think there are one or two scenes that were considered gory for that time but I found the film very dark in places,did they use a 20 watt bulb or something when lighting those scenes.
  15. loops

    loops The Scouse Git

    Anthropohagus is so boring it takes forever for something to happen.
  16. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Anthropophagous is classic Italian horror. The catacomb scenes are particularly effective and it builds well to an exciting final third with some great gore scenes. Love it.
  17. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    i agree with someone weird this is top notch italian horror at its best. for me its one of the great nasties.

    the film is well paced - i like the slow start, and has a few nice gore scenes. i always thought it has a great atmosphere to it, and the catacomb scenes are superbly creepy entertainment.

    ive got the 2 disc italian version, which has a brilliant uncut print. i think the 2 disc us release is pretty much the same, and probably cheaper and easier to get hold of.

    highly recommended
  18. helen-bot

    helen-bot New Member

    I was showing mine to a friend the other day and left it on the bloody tube on the way home! Curses! I was in a tin as well, with a cool hologram cover - damnation.
  19. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    Not enough people go about their daily business wearing tins with cool hologram covers for my liking.
  20. claire

    claire Undercover copper

    I find this film slow and unsatisfying. That's not to say I hate it - it's okay, just overrated in my opinion. Absurd is more entertaining. :)

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