Alien Terror/Alien 2: on Earth

Discussion in 'Euro Cult' started by WillHay, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. WillHay

    WillHay Member

  2. WillHay

    WillHay Member

    Well it arrived today. I have to say it looks very impressive, highly detailed and with some nice depth to the scenes in the caves. Far better than the horrendous VHS rip I used to have!

    Is no one else interested in this movie?
  3. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    This forum has become like the vast empty caves in the movie WillHay.

    I have the disc, and agree its very nice - my old DVD-R is well and truly retired, though the film itself is merely average.
  4. WillHay

    WillHay Member

    Shame, how can we get folks back?
  5. tarpot

    tarpot Pot Sounds

    I thought this was a stunning transfer. I watched this on 106" screen and it really did shine.

    I didn't think the film was that great, but it passed the time well enough. I'm looking forward to seeing what Midnight Legacy release next. Hopefully they'll keep up the quality.
  6. Someone Weird

    Someone Weird An Odious Little Runt

    What ever became of Midnight Legacy? Considering they numbered their first release you would have expected more to follow...but nothing...A one off wonder.
  7. Harold Monroe

    Harold Monroe noted NYU anthropologist

    got this too, its a lovely release, highly recommended
  8. mr sinn

    mr sinn Well-Known Member

    Have this, great picture quality, not so great film. Still its a fun Italian sci fi/horror romp.

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