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  1. shoreline
    Now known as Shore Scripts
  2. Harold Monroe
    Harold Monroe
    who are the real monsters?
  3. muswell
    Unconcerned but not indifferent
  4. mr sinn
    mr sinn
    I'll be right back!
  5. JoeB1015
    JoeB1015 MarcMorris
    Hi Marc, do you know if there is any way to get a pre-cert copy of Sex Farm aka Frustrated Wives?
  6. Mallo
    Shaven. Like a yak.
  7. Mallo
    Back after a prolonged absence.
  8. drterror666
  9. drterror666
    She's definitely 'built' like a Supervixen!!!
  10. Sgt Sunshine
    Sgt Sunshine drterror666
    .....I don't think my Mrs would like it in here very much....she has enough to put up with me as it
    Must be fun being married to a supervixen....
  11. drterror666
  12. drterror666
    Hello, Sgt! Yes, I was quite shocked that I got another trophy. My wife liked loads of my other posts ;)
  13. Sgt Sunshine
    Sgt Sunshine drterror666
    ...well done for reaching 100 "likes".......I've some catching up to do......
    I just noticed your date of birth.....almost a "Woodstock" baby....
    All the best......
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  14. JonT
    Just finished writing a book that is due out in July 2014, Subversive Horror Cinema (McFarland & Co).
  15. Cannonball
    Cannonball hellochas
    [QUOTE=Hellochas;794805]METRO's that daft he actually believes Andy is being sincere![/QUOTE]

    Not as daft as you :-P :-D
  16. Sgt Sunshine
    Sgt Sunshine jimw1
    Welcome back.....
  17. mr sinn
    mr sinn
    Drowning in a sea of muck
  18. MarcMorris
    Nebulous Dawn
  19. drterror666
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  20. thehamish
    Nae bother. Thought twas her anyhow, the eyesights failing haha, cheers!!